It’s Friday! Happy Weekend!

This week went pretty quick. I don’t feel I accomplished as much as I wanted to, and honestly planning helps zero lol. Because a lot of things keep coming up that take me away from what I have planned *sigh*. Oh well, it is still fun to plan

Happy Weekend

We are a 1 car family, so getting to the shops has to wait for the weekend, unfortunately. I wish I had another car, so I can do some shopping during the week, and we would have more time at home to do things or go out for entertainment purposes. But it is, what it is and we manage. So when Friday hits, I am excited to get to Dollar Tree and see what goodies I can find that I have been drooling over all week hehe.

I recently bought some Stiletto nails from Amazon, they were not as long as the ones I have bought from Ebay which made it so much easier to turn into Coffin nails, now I am not pro but I think I did a decent job. They are full nails not tips. I needed something quick and didn’t have time for gels or acrylics.

I found these ECBASKET in natural. They shipped quickly and was well packaged. The nails came in this sturdy clear plastic storage case which is wonderful, and easy to store away.

Natural Stilletos

They were easy to apply and they were not too long as you can see in the pictures below, but I felt they were still too pointy I’d probably poke my eye with my luck So I opted to make them into coffin style shape which suited me much better and they happen to offer those as well. I am still happy with these because eventually, I will use the stiletto style I just need to get used to them. Again they are not too long which is awesome, however, I have very curved nails so there was a gap after applying, I hope in the future they make this particular one a little more curved. I love them though because they are not super long like the tips.

These are the pics before I cut them down, after I applied polish. I used a Color Club that was gifted to me by a good friend dear Barbara, thank you hunni, it is in the color Happy Go Lucky, I love that it is a mood changing polish, but really it is more of a thermal, because when it is subjected to cold it turns one color, when it is the other temperature it is another color, pretty cool but not so much mood changing. Very bright and beautiful summer color.

Fake Full Nails

It really brings out my tanned hands even more. And I was wanting to use a yellow or a bright color before summer is completely gone and I did yay!! I say this because Fall is just around the color, so is Halloween. Speaking of, I will leave you with a Dollar Tree haul in which I hauled some Fall and Halloween items I picked up last few weeks.

So there you are. I can’t believe it took me so long to write this, again interruptions and unexpected things coming up lol. That is all for now
Until next time.


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