Hollar & Dollar1 Hauls – Are they worth it?

I like to save money where ever I can, using coupons, buying online, and I do both happily. I have been buying from Dollar1.com and hollar.com for a few months now. I am really happy with my purchases. I have received broken items from Hollar before, and they gladly replace it with no hassle. In my recent purchase from Dollar1.com, I bought some EOS lip balms for $1 each. Now that is a fantastic deal, however, upon opening the sweet mint I detected a stale smell which I was not happy with. I have emailed dollar1.com and hope to have my money returned or the item replaced, I doubt the item will be replaced because they are no longer on the website. As I am sure they get the items before the due date and try to quickly sell them out, which they do. The expiration date on the packaging states 2017/10 so in essence, it is still good, but the stale smell is not inviting. I guess we will see what happens.

I did, however, score on some Febreze products, I picked them all up for $1 each total score because everyone knows they go for at least 3-4 dollars each, I am so stoked about that.

dollar1 haul

These are all the goodies I hauled from Dollar1, the video is below to see in detail. I think I did pretty good. I had wanted some other things before but at the last minute removed them, I now regret it because it was a good deal, oh well right? When it comes to Dollar1 and Hollar, you should get it when you see it as they will disappear fast!

What do you think? I believe that not everything is worth it, for example, the EOS that smelled stale, yeah I wasn’t happy about it, sure it smells like mint but it smells stale as well, and who wants a stale lip balm on their lips lol? Not I!

big brother 19

Putting that aside, today I watched the finale of Big Brother 19, I have enjoyed this show and Survivor which by the way is returning next week yay! Have been watching it since it began, I am pretty sure I have been watching Big Brother since it began as well, however when I lived in England for those miserable 3 years lol, I watched Big Brother UK as I couldn’t get the USA version.

This season was a major disappointment, I didn’t like Paul from season 18 and he returned and again almost won, I was so mad at the way they played, I mean sure in this game you do have to do a bit of lying and stabbing in the back, people have to remember it is a GAME, but on that same note participants need to actually play the game, most of them let Paul call the shots even though they were the HOH. But I didn’t like how Paul plated he did pull the strings and in essence he should of won because he fooled everyone to get where he did, but at the end of it all, they were going to compare notes and the truth was going to come out and he was going to get screwed out of 1st place, which did happen, I think he promised too many people too many things and at the end he was only able to come through for 2 people, so the others the basically stabbed in the back are bitter, and rightly so.

There was more romancing than playing and that is such a waste, I don’t mind showmances because they cause drama and we all know we love Big Brother drama. Maven, all they did was do whatever Paul wanted, they made no big moves, thinking they would get to the end, and even though they got voted out, they were still loyal to Paul even at the end haha, that made me laugh because they can’t see that they too were being fooled. As for Cody and Jessica, I liked Jessica, she was pretty neutral, but Cody omgosh he was mean, and didn’t even want to try to socialize with anyone, makes me wonder if he was paid to be like that, because if you go on BB it is all about socializing and getting people to like you, he was the opposite. I know you have to have a thick skin to be on this show, and if you get on it, you better put your big girl panties on. I liked Megan but leaving was not something she should have done, sadly Josh has a big mouth and he hurt her feelings and attacked her but again that is Big Brother!

I could go on about other houseguest but yeah it has been all over the internet so I am going to end it there. I do have to say Cody as handsome as he is, his attitude and antisocialism make him look ugly sadly. Because he could have potentially been a great player! Work on those social skills, Cody!!!

And this gets posted on the 1st day of Fall woohoo it is here!!! Happy Fall ya’ll!

happy fall ya'll

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