It’s Fall Ya’ll, Finally!

I was beginning to wonder when Fall would actually hit us here in Massachusetts, at least where we are. And yes it is here, it is cold and my hands are drying up faster now. I have to continuously moisturize them or they can get bad, same with my legs and arms. This is our first Fall in our new home, it is so super exciting. We get lots and lots of leaves fall in the backyard, my honey mows them up and throws them into the little forest behind us. We did see what it was like during the Winter as we got the end of Winter time here. It was very deceiving, the yard is much bigger than it looks. It is one of those illusion type things lol.

What do I have to share with you? Not a whole lot! Doing the YouTube thing so I will share a few videos with you. I did a little DIY I did recently to cover the back of my chair, it is what I call a Dollar Tree DIY since items used were from Dollar Tree. Check it out below.

Before that DIY I did one with an orange styrofoam pumpkin from Dollar Tree and gold thumb tacks I think it came out super cute.

I posted a few Hollar Hauls, and yes, of course, Dollar Tree Hauls. I’ll be posting another one tomorrow. So I will include that here since I don’t think I will finish this post tonight.

I cannot believe it is almost Christmas. We were talking about Thanksgiving during dinner, about going to his sisters *meh* so that is what we’ll be doing. William will pick up his mother to spend the night, and then we’ll all go to his sisters the following day, and she’ll stay there. We are considering having everyone over for Christmas but to be quite honest I am not ready for that. I would like to repaint the living room and finish furnishing it. So maybe next year, that is something I want to talk to William about. Another thing is having a real Christmas Tree, I worry the girls will eat some of it. I heard it could be very dangerous for them, and I love my girls so much. I don’t want anything to harm them. As much as I would love a real tree, I just can’t be selfish and get one just to get one and potentially harm my girls. I just can’t. There are plenty of beautiful fake ones out there.

Below is the latest Dollar Tree Haul! Found some cool things, and a few things from Family Dollar and the Salvation Army which I forgot to include in the previous haul oops lol.

I had a lot of fun decorating for Halloween. I’ll add a few pictures and video below.

It was just so much fun! First photos are our front windows, love these window. The decorations came out so cute. In the daytime picture Daisy is sitting at the window, in the night time picture Lily is sitting at the window. The ghost are from Dollar Tree, so are all the little decorations in the house.

In these photos just a few pics from inside the house, the goodies at the door for the kids, my DIY haunted village Lantern I made, our dinner table which didn’t have much but I love the Pumpkin Head with the tealight in the mouth.

Here is a little video of the front yard window at night, it looks really cute! And yesss that is Lily in the window!

So that was Halloween, all that is put away now, and my Fall stuff is up. I don’t have a whole lot of Fall stuff but definitely something different from Halloween. Off topic, yesterday we heard my honey’s uncle had a stroke. Please say a prayer for him for a full recovery. We haven’t heard anything yet. I hope he is going to be ok, he is such a good person. That is it for now. I will be back very soon with another post, as I have some items to review and tell you all about.

Until next time!
xoxo Emily

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