We had a White Christmas, sorta!

I have always wanted to have a White Christmas, the fact we got some early snow this year I had high hopes. Christmas Eve comes along, no snow! I was bummed but thought okay next year. So when I wake up Christmas morning. My honey tells me, you might want to look outside!! I was, huh? What are you talking about? All confused right? I look through the curtain and right away I see it is SNOWING!! I thought OMG OMG we are having a White Christmas after all. I didn’t take any pictures of the snow and all trust me I will bomb you with those later, but I am sharing the little white Christmas tree from Dollar Tree I had in my room, cute right

White Christmas Tree

A few days prior while shopping, it was snowing and they flakes were big. My honey says “It may not stick, the flakes are too big”, he was right, it stopped snowing and yeah we had a little slush and then a little rain, poop!! I have to squeeze in a picture of one my cats, this is Lily!

Lily by the Christmas Tree

So when I saw it was snowing on Christmas morning and realizes the flakes were big, I instantly remembered our convo, it is not going to stick. About 20 minutes after I noticed the snow, it stopped LMAO!! Talking about being bummed. Now some of it did stick, but it did snow. And you know I have to get a picture in of Daisy, my other lovely cat. This was after Christmas, I had to bring in my huge Wreath I DIYed because it fell, the hook we had up didn’t hold it on the windy days we had *sigh*, I will have to fix it lol.

Daisy in the Wreath

That is why my title said ‘Sorta’ lol. I mean technically it did snow, so I did have a White Christmas. I am so happy because this is our first Christmas in our new home. I am so jazzed that we were able to have a White Christmas (sorta).

I will definitely remember this year, not only because of it being a White Christmas, but because I was sick the whole time LOL, and yeah we went out shopping regardless. Even as I write this I am still sick. I am so sick of being sick. I want this to be over already! As for the picture, this was the closest I could get the to girls near the tree at the same time lol. Too cute right?

Daisy and Lily

Ok well moving. In a few days, it will be 2018. Am I excited? Yes, there are so many things I want to accomplish. Plan better. Use my time more wisely. Definitely get Ebay listings posted weekly, while still maintaining an active YouTube channel (click here) to check it out :). I also need to so badly organized, oh my goodness do I need to organize. I also realized I cannot have all my things in one room. Most of my craft stuff needs to go downstairs in storage bins, but that is easily accessible and I know what is in them. My nail thing definitely need to go downstairs, I am just talking about like stuff I am not using regularly, like my nail polishes they will stay up here, but like nail art, glitter, nail tips etc stuff like that. My nail stamping stuff will stay up here as well, as I really would like to do more of that. Yes this is how big my DIY Christmas Wreath came out! You can compare to the size of the door hehe. I love it!!!

Christmas Wreath outside

So as you can see I have a lot of things I want to achieve in the new year. And also more posting on my blog here, I am going to close my other one, I am spreading myself too thin, and this one can house everything I want to do. As I have neglected the other one way too much. And of course finally I am going back on my diet as of January 1, 2018, wish me luck! This was going to be just a Merry Christmas post but it seems to be turning into a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year post, so I will leave it as such. I will see you in 2018! Please be safe out there, don’t spend it alone if you can help it. From my home to yours, wish you blessed one.

xoxo Emily


  1. Cheryl Moore says

    Love how pretty the wreath turned out! It really looks good when hanging up outside! Your cats are sooo pretty! Hope you’re feeling better soon.

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