February, Organizing & Keto

February, the month of love, ahhh! Another excuse to go shopping lol. Last month I posted, what once. See I must do better than that. By the time the end of the day comes, I don’t want to type anymore lol. Let’s move on from this, shall we? What have I been up to, and how are my goals to achieve my New Years resolutions going.

February Month of Love

Organizing – I am working on it. I have moved the Christmas stuff I bought on clearance down to the basement, but I still have to go down there and find a bin for it, as I don’t want it to sit in bags, that just won’t do, and William wouldn’t like it either. He likes organization, imagine what he feels when he comes into my craft room lol. My new Cricut is still in the box. Like I said my organizing is going slow but it is going. I have about 4 boxes of friend mail sent by one lovely friend of mine, Barbara who I am worried about as I have not been able to get in contact with her for a few days. I hope she charged her mobile phone.

Check out this video, and all the goodies we picked up!

Then I have a hollar order I got, that I have not hauled as I have 2 shipments coming and I want to do them at the same time. I have some nail mail with the same thing, just waiting on a few items then I can haul it all.

I should do what several of my YouTube subscribers do, film as it arrives. I may do that, just so I don’t have it laying around taking up floor space. I have 3 packages I have to get together and send out definitely for Monday, actually, that is going to turn into 5 after the weekend lol.

Then I have a few Valentine’s Day projects I want to do that I need to start on today after I list an item on Ebay. I also want to fix a nail I needed to cut off, so I should do that first, then I can go ahead and do my projects I am eager to do. I need some matte paint, I am not sure if the acrylic paint I have is matte. I will need to check. And I have a few reviews I need to get done too. So much for organizing, as you can see I have a lot on my plate.

Dieting – Well I am not on a diet, however, we have decided to try the Keto diet, more about that later I am still in a learning phase. We have stopped eating bread, potatoes, except for what mashed potatoes we have left. We are under no circumstances taking all our food and donating it for the sake of starting this keto, that is just crazy and a lot of money. So you can say we are weaning ourselves off of what is not a Keto food item, and no longer buying it. For example – Cereal, rice, pasta, potatoes, some fruits, bread, diet frozen meals, basically anything containing sugar which is a lot lol. This list can go on. We have the stuff to go through, so it is a slow process, but we are doing it together which will help a lot. William went as far as not drinking beer anymore, which is what was giving him a beer belly, he stopped smoking on his own which was a WOW moment because he was a long time smoker, I am so proud of him, well done.

I stepped away for awhile and listed my item on ebay. So that is done. Oh yeah, I checked the news and the groundhog says more winter!!! Ahhh we are not even going to get a Spring and a short Summer I am feeling bummed out already. We are going to milk every sunny day we get lol. We had some snowfall this morning, it is bright and sunny out now so that is nice.

I recently did another Dollar Zone haul, here is the video if you would like to check out, it is a store very similar to Dollar Tree, check out!

And you have to go and check out my latest Dollar Tree haul, they are putting out spring stuff now, I am looking for the Fairy Garden new items, I am pretty excited. Sadly last year I didn’t get a chance to do my Fairy Garden but this year I will lol.

And we are caught up. It is Friday, we are off to go shopping tomorrow. There are so many things I want from Dollar Tree but I am going to have to limit myself, definitely getting the Fairy Garden items, stickers wise well I guess I have enough, it is so hard to resist especially when they are not Jot brands, and it is a Heidi Swapp brand, yeah those are hard to pass up. I have over 50 things on my hunt list slash wish list lol. If you haven’t had a chance to check out Dollar Tree I highly recommend watching videos. Oh yes and one last thing, Patriots are going to the Super Bowl woohoo. I hope they win but secretly gut feeling tells me they won’t. But anyway GOOO PATS!!!

xoxo Emily

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