Happy Valentine’s Day

Oh just a quick hello to say Happy Valentine’s Day.

We are having a lovely day. We had a nice dinner together, gave each other a few things. Actually, I had been giving my honey a little goody each day until today. I thought it was a lot of fun to do. And he had something to look forward to it every day, I think he really enjoyed it. Today I didn’t give him one, as we are spending our real “Valentine’s Day” on Friday or Saturday because he works like everyone else lol. But our girls did give him something and a card, of course, I helped out He laughed but love it.

I had been decorating the house since before February started, and I didn’t get everything done I wanted, oh well. I guess it will have to wait until next year. Something to look forward to, but I am happy with the way it has gone, we both have enjoyed it.

He went and did a little shopping after work, brought me home 2 super sweet items, they are pictured below. I just love LOVEEEEE the pillow oh my gosh he knows me to well, and the gorgeous picture frame he got of the Eiffel tower I love, the mirrored frame is gorgeous, just love it, it is going to look amazing in my craft/hobby room.

And yes he told me where he bought them, good ole BIG LOTS, we love Big Lots, I love Big Lots, they have such awesome stuff. Their current Paris theme decor is amazing!!! Check out this wall art my honey got me, it is gorgeous!

The frame edges are mirrored, and the edge of the frame is silver, how awesome is this and I just love all things Paris. You are probably wondering, or maybe not lol. What did I get him, well apart from all the goodies during the week, I got him some nice thick socks he can use during the winter, he will love these, his feet will never be cold again! And Saturday I have to pick up his other gift which is a 12 compartment thingamajig lol. So that he can have in his man cave, check out the picture below.

I made him a smaller one out of a few Dollar Tree clear plastic containers with lids and it worked out but he deserves something better, so I am going to ask him to take me to Lowes on Saturday for some spray paint lol, but instead, I will be picking up that for him. I think he will be happy, it is what he wanted.

And there is always this kind which he can stack on top of each other, it will be up to him. I like the wide one more, but it really depends on his preference. We’ll see what he picks.

Anyway, it is after 9 pm I must go and chill with him, watch a movie or something before bed. I hope you all had an awesome Valentine’s Day and for you Anti-Valentine’s folks, I hope you had a good day today. Until next time.

xoxo Emily

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