Shopping, Rain & My Girls

We went out shopping today, as we usually do on Saturdays, my only day to really go shopping. As we only have 1 car at the moment and my honey uses for work. Perhaps that will change in the future but for now, that is how it is. Today is Tuesday so it is a few days later

We went to the one of the usual places Dollar Tree! And picked up some Fall and Halloween decor, new things I didn’t see last year and was really pleased with them. Similar to some things sold for more in other stores, got to love Dollar Tree. Check out the pictures below.

How cute are these? Each item only $1, and how fun they look. I also picked up some Fall stuff check it out!

See what I mean? Sure there are other things that look bigger and are more expensive, but I really do like this Fall and Halloween decor from Dollar Tree.

Yeah, I am on the hunt for the Fall red truck, oh yes I am obsessed with that truck, it is just so cute. They have it at Michael’s, but I didn’t want to spend $20 lol I am cheap what can I say. I am holding out for a lower price. I hope I find it or I will kick myself in the butt lol. However this week they are having a BOGO!! Ahh maybe now is the time! Look how cute this is!

I did it!! I just purchased it. I couldn’t pass it up. I bought the this truck and a Fall pillow with a truck on it. It was as I mentioned BOGO. It turned out coming out about the same. I think I probably spent more for the pillow than I initially wanted to, but I just had to have this truck yay!

I am all excited about that. Anyway, we went to Dollar Tree, then Michael’s, and then Big Lots, where we bought a few things, a griddle to make some pancakes until we get around to ordering one that goes with the stove, I think that one will do. We almost got an electric one, but opted for the cast iron instead and was $10 less yay!

My honey turned out making french toast woohoo, I have been wanting some. And we also bought a cute A shaped plant holder that I think was such a great deal.

Big lots always have such awesome things. We are still looking around for an umbrella base, as we bought a 2nd patio umbrella but need a base for it now.  After Big Lots we went over to Stop n Shop, my honey went in and soon after he came out with the few things we needed, and we were on the way home, does it begin to pour rain like no one’s business. I couldn’t believe it, then came thunder and then lightening.

We got home, my honey tells me to go inside the house. I told him it doesn’t matter if it is raining that I would help with the stuff, but he insisted, after he was done, he was soaking wet, literally.

I went to feed my girls, Daisy and Lily. Lily was in the kitchen greeting us as we walked in, but Daisy was nowhere to be seen. After putting all away and feeding Lily, I go looking for Daisy, she is hiding under the bed. I am assuming scared because of the thunder and lightning. I felt so bad that I couldn’t be here to comfort my little girl. We are considering getting her a crate so that she can feel safer.

After dinner I come into my hobby room, get on the computer and I recalled that I had reset my, for so I went to go see if I had anything in the account I forgotten about. And that prompted me to make the two following videos of my girls when they were babies. I can only fit enough pictures for 30 seconds, but it is enough. Every time I look at the pictures I fall in love all over again with them

This is miss Daisy, one of my little girls

Here is my Lily girl as a baby

I did lose some footage when I accidentally dropped my phone in the cat water bowl, this was before the phones were waterproof or whatever it is they are now LOL. Yeah, it just made me cry because I had pictures of Daisy as a baby and I just wanted them so bad

I still have the old phone in hopes that I can somehow figure out how to get into it and retrieve them. I should have had some kind of back up system to the phone in the event something like that happened. I know better now. I remove my photos often to avoid that ever happening again.

Speaking of phones we will be getting the Note 9. I am pretty excited because we have had these phones for a little over 3 years. My honey’ phone has a cracked screen a neon green line going vertically on one side, and a black dot LOL. So that one isn’t being traded in as it does not qualify because of the shattered glass.  I am going to see if I can fix the screen and it not cost me a lot. LOL.

This post took me a few days to write, I started on Saturday and now finishing it on Tuesday LOL. Oh boy. Anyway until next time.

xoxo Emily

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