Hello September! Fall is Almost Here!

Nineteen days until the official first day of Fall! Wow, already so hard to believe. Just today I was looking out the kitchen window into the backyard and I saw a few leaves fall. I turned to William and told him, “I just saw a few leaves fall”. He says “bite your tongue”.  Yeah, I don’t think he is ready for Fall and to be quite honest, I’m not either.

And that is how it begins.

We are really enjoying our summer. During our Labor Day weekend, my honey as I like to refer to William spent some time doing some repairs to the house, not urgent repairs but things we wanted to fix, like our faucet in the bathroom needed replacing. We had recently had the bathroom redone, and by the way, it looks gorgeous. Back to the sink, yeah we used our old faucet and thought it was time for a new one, so a new went up. I like it, it matches the rest of the hardware in the bathroom.

Pretty right? I love this finish

So that is what he has been doing, he also finished staining the lattice on the deck, he bought himself a spray gun, to make it much easier and faster. The first time he did the first 2 sections it took him well over 2 hours, wow right? Yeah, so he didn’t want to go through that again, so he went out picked up a spray gun machine from Lowe’s or Home Depot, I am not sure which store it was. But he finished in 40 mins, wow right? Yeah, I am so happy.

So it has been a busy weekend, my honey also out up some vertical blinds in my hobby room to keep out the hot sun that creeps on the other side of the house, and 2 cute shelves that I have had for months and wanted up. So happy they are finally up. Little by little, it gets done.

Bicycle and Shelves
Notice the other bicycle picture to the left that still has to go up

This first picture is the little shelves I picked up on Hollar for about $3 each, close up they look like a butterfly, and they look scuffed up but that is how it is supposed to look. Then one of my favorite pictures is the bicycle with flowers, I am so in love with those now. And don’t mind the stuff off to the left, just a few things I still have to hang, and a few things that are sitting on my Alex drawers that will have new homes soon

The second picture is of my magnet board, I love magnets but that is the only place I will put them, and then a few things on my a plastic storage drawer, which I will be replacing with another Alex drawer, and to the right is the blinds my honey put up, that keeps out the sun out so well, rather than the sheer curtains I had which allowed it to get very hot in here.

Moving one, my girls, Daisy and Lily, my cats for those that don’t know. Have been enjoying the summer days very much. Especially during the evenings when they sit by the front door and look out. We have a storm door, so it is glass from top to bottom, they sit in front of the door for hours sometimes, just looking at moths, and other little creatures getting their attention lol. They also do it during the day too, so super cute. That is how I got this picture and did a little editing to it

Cute right?

These girls love each other so much. And we didn’t get them at the same time. Three years apart, as a matter of fact, their birthdays are coming up. How can you fall I love over and over with your cats? It amazes me. I am not complaining, by all means, I love that I could love them that deeply.

We are very lucky. Well before I go I will leave you with my latest video, I had hauled some nail mail, nail stamping plates, and such. I really want to start using what I have. Sometimes, it just doesn’t feel like I have enough time for anything fun. I need to make time!

I will see you all in my next post. I hope you all have had a great Labor Day, take care and have a great week! 

xoxo Emily

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