My Mind Is In A Fog

I woke up at around 5 am to feed my girls, (Daisy and Lily) my cats, yes I am a fur mommy. They won’t let you sleep if you don’t tend to them. I love my girls though, so I am happy to get up and feed them. You rarely find one without the other, 2 peas in a pod

They do love each other though

I decide to stay up, as I had a couple of packages to get out to the post today, and since my fiance was going to the post office anyway I asked him to take it for me. Normally it would be an Ebay sale but this time it wasn’t, it was a couple of prizes I needed to send out for winners in my YouTube channel giveaways.

Speaking of YouTube, I think I will share my last 2 Dollar Tree hauls. I am always amazed at what they sell there, not everything is worth a buck, but I have found some gems.

Actually, Dollar Tree is a great place to buy a lot of things, gift bags, greeting cards, they actually carry Hallmark cards, 2 for $1 that is an amazing deal. check out my haul below I did buy 2 Hallmark cards, pretty ones too

I love the Halloween faux books I picked up, a great deal on Sure deodorant, and look at that pumpkin with Thankful & Blessed on it. Everything is just so cute and totally works for my budget. Tons more to see in the store, I can’t wait until my next trip I only go once a week, and Saturday is my day to go! Woohoo! I have a wishlist and I hope I find a few off my wishlist. For you lazy folks that can’t wait to see what I bought lol. I have added the photos here.

The weather is changing slowly, I have witnesses falling leaves already. Ah I am going to miss Summer! Anyway that is it for me. I am tired, and I just wanted to blog really quick. Trying to make it a habit to do it more often. I hope you all have an amazing weekend. 

xoxo Emily

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