I Sew Need To Use My Machine!

I think that title is quite funny, pun intended

On the serious side. I have had my sewing machine for a few years and I have to admit I have not really used it. I have a few reasons why. The lack of space in our last home. Now that we have moved to our new house. I want to break it out because I want to teach myself to sew holes in my fiances’ dress shirts that have no buttons to hold down the collar. As in the photo below.

Collar Button Holes

That is what I want to try to do, I also want to try to make my own curtains. I have a window in my hobby room, it has long sheer curtains but those curtains are too long. I thought about sewing them shorter, that is an option but I also wanted to make some cute custom curtains.

You are probably asking, where is the sewing machine right? Well, here she is. She is a Brother LS-2125i, I have had her for a few years as you can see she is in pristine condition lol. My lack of using her. I had bought a case for it or that is my honey did and let me tell you that case is awesome, however when traveling or moving I had to put some sheets in to keep it from moving sideways, afraid it would break, it keeps minimal dust out which I liked, I still did have to dust it out but it really wasn’t that bad a tall.

I like that the case has 2 snap closures on the ends and a nice sturdy handle on the top. For easy traveling, again I needed to put sheets inside to keep it from banging from side to side as you will see in one of the photos.

I don’t know if you can tell in this picture that there is space where it can shake about when closed, yeah I don’t know why it was made like that but at least it fits perfectly in it. I think if I come across some Styrofoam from deliveries I will keep them and put them in there.

Next few photos are closed up, side and back of her. I should give her a name, what do you think?

I like that I am able to use the different type of stitches, and if am not correct, someone please correct me but on the panel, the first part actually looks like they would be buttonholes. I didn’t realize that until I was looking closer at the sewing machine.

I so loved that there was a little compartment with extra accessories, that I didn’t even know was there. Actually, I probably knew when I first got the sewing machine, it was a new surprise again for me when I pulled off the section to look inside. I love that the machine has a removable part to do sleeves or even small pant legs. I absolutely love this machine, I plan to use her more now. 

I also had to mention that in addition to the sewing machine, my wonderful honey also bought me a Singer Sewing Essentials holder, well it holds 2 different size spools, plus lots of storage for small parts, check out the pictures to see what I mean.

I love this Singer Sew Essentials, I love how the 4 smaller compartments open up and then close up for easy storage, the handle sits down flush, and it has a push button to open it. I also love the outside compartments for any patterns I want to store, such a perfect addition. My fiance sure did know how to pick things out, got to love him.

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