Why so much rain? Pretty foliage!

I love the Fall season, but it ruins it when it keeps raining. I can’t believe how much rain we have recently gotten. I want to enjoy the Fall season before it begins to snow. I took advantage of the weather yesterday and stepped out to the deck and recorded the beautiful woods behind our house. The leaves changing color and falling, it was really breathtaking in my opinion, but I am biased.

Oh yes Happy Halloween!! I decided to do my face up lol. Well first time trying to do a Sugar Skull look, to say the least it didn’t come out as I had wanted. I was so very unprepared. I have to say I did have fun doing it, it was an experience I would like to make better next year. With better makeup rather than the cheap stuff I picked up at the last minute thinking it would work lol. It is a joke but I did the best I could.

I definitely need to improve,but I do have to say I love the head piece I made, very proud of that. Maybe next year will be better!

Now that Halloween is here and gone. I can work on another Fall wreath but this one will be with mesh which is so much more prettier. The other Fall wreath I made out of grip liner for outside, as it is weather resistant.

I love how it looks. It is tight and full. I won’t put decorations on it, because with our weather lately they will get ruined unless they are all plastic lol.

And I have to work on that one quickly because I will need to jump on a Christmas one, oh my gosh how it starts rolling around so quickly now.

Before I leave I wanted to share something I recently bought on Amazon, this awesome laptop table! It is amazing and so worth the money. I did a full review on it, here is the video.

Seriously well worth the money! Alright I am tired and I want to take this makeup off, and take my contacts out to relax and watch Survivor with my honey! See you in the next blog post.

xoxo Emily

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