The Hustle and Bustle

It is that time of the year, to get very busy. And I have been since November, hence why I haven’t posted yet. But here I am posting about a video I just uploaded to YouTube.

What is it? A haul, a huge haul. It actually consists of Christmas items, and some planner stickers and lots of DIY/Crafting items that I wanted/needed. Oh and look at those cute throw pillows, how can you not like them, and not want to see my video. I had to post it right away so you can go and check out all that I picked up. I already am working on another one, before I get behind.

My birthday just passed Tuesday, December 4th. Yes! How fun are birthdays? They are fun when you have places to go and people to hang out with. Sadly, I am new to MA well not that new but new to this area and I don’t know anyone. I know sad right? Yeah, that is life when you move around. Any who, I did spend the day with the love of my life, William. He took the day off not only to spend it with me, but I actually had an appointment to renew my ‘real’ ID lol. I don’t drive yet, or it would have been a drivers license. We have one car, so there was no point to getting a drivers license, but thinking of it now. I should consider it, as there may be a time I may need to drive, like an emergency. So on the 4th, we head to the RMV, and it took less than an hour as I did most of it via online.

After the RMV, we headed to Fall River where they have a store I had been dying to go to, but after going there, I did’t see a whole lot this time around which was rather disappointing. I think it has to do with the up coming holidays, everything is being bought out. It was nice, but I really didn’t want to stay out too long. Next, was what were we going to eat.

I decided on Pizza! Yes indeed, even though on a diet it was an exception. It was nice, and we didn’t over do it. We ordered on the way home, and by the time we were in our town, it was ready, so we swung by and picked it up, headed home because my girls (cats: Daisy and Lily) would be hungry and I needed to feed them. We enjoyed the pizza, and turned out just having a little snack come time for dinner, we were really stuffed. It was really nice because I got to spend it with William, that is what mattered most to me.

You are probably wondering what he got me for my birthday, well I can show you, I was so happy when I stumbled on the Cici & Sisi webpage because it was at 50% off, and that is huge for these items.  

I do have to say after I got them, they appeared smaller than what I had seen in a video on YouTube, not completely unhappy but I still loved them, and the box they came in is so sturdy I don’t want to throw them out. I can re-purpose them to hold some of my other crafty things. I realize that cardboard attracts bugs, but for now, it will do. I was over the moon happy though to get them at 50% off as they are normally $35, so that is such a great deal! And will help to organize my plates better, and not buy similar stamping plates.

As for my diet, well I didn’t lose a whole pound, due to the food I ate during Thanksgiving, and now this past week for my birthday with the pizza and carrot cake piece, so weight in is on Sunday so we will see what the scale says. Wish me luck. I have a ton of stuff to do, from posting on ebay, to doing a few DIYs to clear up some of my supplies in this room. I still have a computer to put up and I haven’t done that yet. So much to do, so little time. I will see you all in the next blog post. Have a great weekend!

xoxo Emily

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