Early Christmas Present

I meant to post this awhile a go, and with Christmas 3 days away, it still is an early Christmas present. My honey has wanted a mini fridge for his beverages, and had never had a chance to really look around, there was never anything he liked, and I don’t blame him for not just going out and buying anything you find.

Then this fell on our lap. EEEEK so excited!! A mini beverage cooler!

NewAir Mini Fridge

How awesome is this?? I know you can’t see much of it right now, you get a hint as to what it look like by the box. We were over the moon when we got this. Especially my honey, as it is exactly what he was looking for. He didn’t want one that has a freezer section. He just wanted to put his beverages in it, and this is exactly what it does.

I had to post pictures of my honey opening the box up. He was excited, and even more so once he had it in the basement filled with his beverages. This is going to be so handy when we have parties, because we have somewhere, other than the fridge in the kitchen to hold canned and bottled drinks.

Check this out!! Look at that cool retro Pepsi-Cola signage this mini fridge has on the sides and top of the fridge. How cool is this? I am not much of a soda drinker now, but when I did drink, it would have to be a diet. I know differently now, but we just love this, so super cool!

Look at all that room!! And the light is on all the time, so you always see what you have in it. I put some of my yogurts to give you an idea of the size and space of the shelves.

I had to put a Christmas Tree on it while it was in the kitchen, so cute right? And you can see the light on inside it lights up really well. The shelves are adjustable, the last picture of the 3 is the mini fridge in the basement where my honey wanted it. He absolutely loves it and I am so happy he does, yay! If you are interested in a mini fridge like this go and check out what they have over at NewAir.com this one is NewAir 126-Can Pepsi Beverage Fridge | AB-1200BP. You will love it if you decide to get one!

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