Happy New Year 2019 ~Wow!

I cannot believe how fast 2018 zipped by us. We (William and myself) were just talking about how fast 2018 went by. It feels like it was just Christmas, and then here is Christmas again. And look we are officially 7 days into the new year! How did that happen? Lol.

I had to get that in there

So let’s start with what my New Years resolutions are, and I sure do need to keep more than one. First I would start with continuing my diet back on track as best I can, without taking the fun of living life. Then I would say that organizating is a big thing for me, I tried last year and failed miserably. This year I am giving it another go. Specifically my hobby room, where I have various things that I honestly don’t need in the room with me.

I do my nails in the room, so there is a lot of nail supplies in here, I do some crafting, so there is various crafting supplies laying around, I film/edit my YouTube videos, I post to Ebay, and a lot of the things don’t need to be in here, since I am not directly using them or in need of them. As I told William, I would move that stuff into a bin, or the storage drawers I removed from this room and are now in the basement. So a lot will go there.

The storage bins are the plastic 3 drawer ones, I am sure many of you have seen them. For Christmas, William bought me 2 additional IKEA storage drawers to match the rest I have, which helped with organizing what I immediately needed better.

I am pretty pleased with them, the wide one has wheels so I can pull it out if I needed to, it sits under my glass table where I do a lot of my crafting, and my nails, so it is perfect. The other one sits next to the table on the left, which again is perfect. I am so happy with them.

I have a lot of things I am going to donate, I wanted to do giveaways for them, but shipping is always going to get costly, and we like donating, it just feels really good to donate and give back to the community. So we take advantage of the free pick-ups to the house. Before we would load up the car and take it to the local donation locations.

I am also so very happy, that for Christmas I got a new tripod, a very huge upgrade from the plastic generic tripod that came with a camera I purchased some time ago. The new stand, I happen to see in a food photographers video, and I was highly impressed. Not only because it is so sleek looking but she had the same type of camera mounted on it, that I have, that makes me so happy because it is one I have wanted to start using to film my YouTube videos. My old camera a Sony Handycam has been acting up, not focus on things when I wanted them to. And not very many options for brightening up the screen, which I hope my newish lol DSLR camera will have.

Back to the tripod, I decided on the Impact Turtle Base C-Stand Kit, it has everything I need to set up my camera. I want to do a little more cleaning in here before I put it together, it is out of the box right now, on the carpet, I wanted to get the box out of the room, as the cat loved it so much she was shredding it lol. That was funny. This i what the box shows as the photo of the tripod, actually I am going to call it a c-stand because that is how it is referred to

Just the top part of the box

Once it is set-up I will more than likely post about it again. I am so excited about it. Time is flying by quickly. I just uploaded a video to YouTube, so I need to go and finish that, and I have other things to do, I must get done. I will end this post here, and wish you all a Happy New Year and I will see you in the next post!

xoxo Emily

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