Best Friend

Woo My Patriots Fan! Standing Outside In The Snow!William is the love of my life, my best friend, my soul mate! Where do I start? There is so much to say about this wonderful man. I met William back in May of 2009, sometime after returning from England. I had returned from England, to take care of some personal matters, and during that time, I was bored. I wasn’t working, as I planned to return to England, so I seen no point. I stumbled across a social network website, and there I thought I’d kill some time. Not knowing that the moment I signed up to that website, that my life would change forever. I met a wonderful, flirty, but yet funny, lovely man, I had no idea, I would be spending the rest of my life with. The coincidental thing too is, he too killed time by using the same website, was this fate? Possibly, but I don’t complain.

My Wonderful William, On His Way To Work!Two years later, here in Massachusetts, I am living with this wonderful man, we are so happy, we have so much in common. Growing up, I had 3 brothers, so there were a few things forced on me, like Science fiction TV shows, I grew to hate, Football, I grew to hate, but when I got older, I learned to let go of the hate that I had for being forced to watch what they wanted. I guess in some ways it was a good thing, because, I knew a lot more than most girls did about sports, as for science fiction stuff, well over time girls got into it as much as guys did. Those were two passions that I grew to love with William. He’s a big gamer as well, and I do indulge now and then. But I get the pleasure of surprising him now and then with a new game. It’s like I can imagine him as a kid. So when hes playing on his ps3, I’m upstairs dabbling around with my websites.

Working Hard? or Hardly Working? LolIt’s really just so perfect, and you know, I never thought I could say that about a guy, I was with. It really is so perfect, as perfect as can be for me. He makes me immensely happy. There is not one day, that we don’t joke around, that he doesn’t make me laugh. In my whole life, I have never laughed so much, felt so much love from a man. I am truly blessed. Never does a day go by, that he doesn’t kiss me goodbye before leaving for work. I don’t mind either, I tell him, I want you to wake me, I want to be that first person he see’s everyday and I see everyday. There are no words to express how deeply in love I am with this lovely specimen of a man. He is my prince charming.

He is my Prince Charming, I am his Princess
So Happy With The Love Of My Life