Cat Surgery – #Daisy Is a Trooper!

In route to Vet Appt

So my sweet little Daisy was spayed recently. I knew it would eventually come when this had to be done. A lot of good reasons to do this to your cat, I don’t have to list them as I know you already know, and you don’t need to be lectured on it. I have to admit though, I was nervous, in my mind I often thought of worse case scenarios. I quickly snapped out of that though. We get up {Read More}

Happy Mother’s Day 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Here it is again, another year without my mother, God Rest Her Soul. I miss her like crazy, there is so much I wish I could of shared with her. I know she is looking over all of us. But, yes there is a but, but having her physically would of been great. I would of loved to take her out to lunch, make this day so very special for her. It is special, I had an amazing mother, she {Read More}

Review: Kellogg’s Special K – Protein Breakfast Shake

Special K Breakfast Shake

Being on a diet, I have to watch what I eat and drink. I am a BzzAgent, so I share things that I get offered. This time around I am sharing the Special K Protein Breakfast Shakes. I tried both the Chocolate Mocha and the Vanilla Cappuccino on different days. As part of being a BzzAgent, I do reviews for certain products. Today I did two reviews, but they were done on one of the websites that BzzAgent provided for {Read More}

A Busy Bee, I Have Been

Oh my gosh, I am still waiting for spring to really arrive, I feel like I am always complaining about that, but I am so over winter!! I know, when the real hot weather comes, then I’ll be complaining, buy oh my gosh. It’s been super windy last few days, plus a bit of a chill. Ugh I am so so over winter!! I have seen signs of spring though, which does make me happy, and I know it’s not {Read More}

All About The Hobbies!

Red Tulips

Who doesn’t have hobbies right? I think mine vary, from doing my own acrylic nails (is that a hobby? Kind of huh?) to a little amateur photography, to making little websites about things I like. As a matter of fact I have a lot of them. I have been recently working on some. I just finished what we call a fanlisting, I think I have posted what a fanlisting is, if you are new or don’t remember, let me remind {Read More}

Let’s Play Catch Up!


I can’t believe I posted last on Feb 4, wow how time flies so quickly. It’s almost Valentine’s Day!! So what is going on? Well The Biggest Loser winner was shocking, I talked about that in my other blog. So I won’t really talk much about it here, except to say, I was shocked at how much weight Rachel lost. I am worried for her and her health. In my opinion, she lost too much weight that it looks unhealthy, {Read More}

Hello February 2014!!~

Loving The Snow Fall

I know it’s the 4th, but better late than never, and I just wanted to say hello to the new month. So we had snow last night, it’s so very typical here in Mass to get snow in February. I absolutely love the snow, and it looked beautiful last night, the trees looked so pretty with snow on them. I will have to add a photo so you can see how pretty they are. I’m charging my phone at the {Read More}