Another Giveaway! Egg-Tastic Egg Cooker Giveaway! #AsSeenOnTV

What? Another giveaway, come on who doesn’t like freebies and giveaways? Raise your hand!! I see all of you raising your hand out there lol. So this time around it is the Egg-Tastic Egg Cooker, and yeah it really does work!! I have tried it out, check out my photos below, and the yummy eggs I made. It is so easy to make too! If you are on the run, don’t have time to really sit down to a breakfast, {Read More} ~ I’m A Bargain Hunter

Nowadays, we all are looking to save. For the past I would say 4 years, I have diligently looked for ways to save money, be it coupons, promo codes, Adorama coupons, online deals, free shipping deals, any kind of hot deal out there, I am there hehe. I am pretty proud of it. I think I have touched bases about this before in the past. But now I come to you with another source, yay! If you are anything like {Read More}

Happy Star Wars Day!!

May The Fourth Be With You! Are you a Star Wars fan? We are here in this house. Loved the films, don’t have favorite, but I thought my inner geek would come out for a little while hehe. Today has been a beautiful day! My hunny had to work. He works a lot I have to say. It’s good and not so good. Just means he is not with me, and we are not out and about. I’m hoping we {Read More}

Pinstripe and Pearls

Earlier I was browsing instagram, by the way I changed my username, it is now ’emmiie_’ yeah I don’t like underscores, but there wasn’t much left to select from, and I am not crazy about using numbers, but anyway. I came a cross a post, one of the girls posted about being the class of 2013, and I thought wow, that sure did make me feel ancient LOL. In numbers anyway, not like I look it, or feel it, okay {Read More}

Happy October 1st, Bring On The Fall~

Wow I cannot believe that summer is really gone, I can’t say I’m sad it’s gone. Summer was nice for a change, the humidity surprisingly wasn’t all that bad this year. Although I have to say we (William and myself) didn’t get to do as much as we wanted to this summer. We really wanted to go to the drive in more often, since those are pretty much almost completely obsolete, so it’s nice to know we have a couple {Read More}

Geeks Gone Chic, Gadgets And More For The Geek

That inner geek in you just loves gadgets don’t it? I don’t have an inner geek, my geekness is on the outside, and I just love my gadgets. Well if you are always looking for a new website that has lots and lots of very cool things, then you must visit, they are very Geek Chic if I don’t say so myself. They have items from gadgets to toys, to food to books and more!! How can you go {Read More}

30 Days of Truth: Day 3

Even though I slacked off on this 30 Days of Truth, no one said, it had to be one after another now did they? Lol. So with that said, let’s move on. Oh yeah if you are interested in doing it, check out where I started click here, will show you all you need to do. Have fun with it! Day 3: Something you have to forgive yourself for. Wow this one is really hard, because it goes so deep, {Read More}