Geeks Gone Chic, Gadgets And More For The Geek

That inner geek in you just loves gadgets don’t it? I don’t have an inner geek, my geekness is on the outside, and I just love my gadgets. Well if you are always looking for a new website that has lots and lots of very cool things, then you must visit, they are very Geek Chic if I don’t say so myself. They have items from gadgets to toys, to food to books and more!! How can you go {Read More}

30 Days of Truth: Day 3

Even though I slacked off on this 30 Days of Truth, no one said, it had to be one after another now did they? Lol. So with that said, let’s move on. Oh yeah if you are interested in doing it, check out where I started click here, will show you all you need to do. Have fun with it! Day 3: Something you have to forgive yourself for. Wow this one is really hard, because it goes so deep, {Read More}

Amazing Alexandria Virginia Condos

I love where we live, don’t get me wrong, well I guess there could be a few things I would change. Never mind that though. I think I would go to a condo next, speaking of condos hehe. I tend to look around, and debate on where I’d like to live, heck I’ve even considered moving out of state, just to beat this humidity lol. I though “condos!” lol, and I also thought ‘Virginia‘, I found some gorgeous condos, with {Read More}

Best FSU Football Tickets

So it’s getting so close to football season making a return, well not so close, but close enough you may want to jump in and grab some tickets before they are all gone. Professional and college alike! We are big football fans here in this household, so if we want to get good seats, it’s best to be an early bird, then get left in the dust, and not get any tickets. College football seems pretty popular, if not as {Read More}

Two Years, Wow!

Happy Anniversary to us!! That is right, it’s our 2nd anniversary, since that wonderful day that I said I would be his. Hehe, yeah we are going there, mushiness, just a tad bit, I won’t over do it. I am one lucky girl to have met such a great guy like William. My choice of men in the past haven’t been the best, but I guess a lot of us girls say that, I guess the guys say that too {Read More}

Any Plans?

So this weekend is 4 of July, I’m sure a lot of people will be heading out of town. As for us we’ll be staying in, we love barbecuing, and I know William has wanted to BBQ for a while now, so yeah I think tomorrow will be the first for the summer!! Yay. Tomorrow William has half a day, yay!!! So he’ll be home early, we rented to blockbuster films, yeah we got some codes for a free rental, {Read More}

Earth Week

Ok so I go into the bathroom today to do my business lol, sorry for sharing, but I look at the door and I see this big black ant, I swear people here in Massachusetts, we seem to have big black ants and they are scary lol. Anyway so I though oh great here we go, they are coming into the house, but not in the kitchen, the window in the bathroom was open, and I believe that is where {Read More}