30 Days of Truth: Day 21: (scenario) Your Best Friend Is In a Car Accident and You Two Got Into a Fight An Hour Before. What Do You Do?

It’s been awhile since I have done a 30 Days of truth, so here we go. I think if I was notified that my best friend got into a car accident, I think my heart would jump out of my chest, and I would try to keep myself calm, but still feeling very scared. Immediately praying that my best friend is okay. If you don’t know, as far as I’m concerned my boyfriend William is my best friend, we’ve been {Read More}

Days Of Truth – Day 20: Your Views On Drugs and Alcohol

Say No To Drugs, is my first thoughts. Don’t abuse the alcohol, and if you do, well hopefully you will use common sense and get help. I know that we all experimented at some point in our lives, but at one point we have to know when to say no. Some people don’t learn their lesson until it’s too late, and they either end up doing time on prison, or 6 feet under. Both places you don’t want to end {Read More}

Fort Lauderdale’s Best Personal Injury Lawyer

When you have a accident, and you need a lawyer the last thing on your mind is having to pay an up front fee. You have enough problems worrying about yourself or the loved one that were injured. Believe me, these days with the way the economy is, finding a good personal injury lawyer is important, and even more so not having to pay a penny, until your case is won. Now that is what I consider a fantastic lawyer {Read More}