Happy October 1st, Bring On The Fall~

Wow I cannot believe that summer is really gone, I can’t say I’m sad it’s gone. Summer was nice for a change, the humidity surprisingly wasn’t all that bad this year. Although I have to say we (William and myself) didn’t get to do as much as we wanted to this summer. We really wanted to go to the drive in more often, since those are pretty much almost completely obsolete, so it’s nice to know we have a couple {Read More}

What a 4th of July, All Kinds of Excitement!

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July. I had a really great time at William’s family’s house. It’s always a pleasure to see his family, they are such wonderful people. I especially love seeeing those adorable niece and nephews of Williams. They crack me up. I love the fact that Madeline, actually all 3 of them Jeremy and RJ as well. Love to do staring contest they are just too cute!! Love to catch them blinking. Maddy {Read More}

Trying To Save Money Anyway I Can

OK so I think I had mentioned that I wanted to try to do my own nails. Well while I waited for some more supplies that I needed, I went ahead and purchased the All Season Quick Dip Powder System, it cost $15.99 at Sally Beauty, a wonderful website, and even better store go stop in and do a shop. So as I said I tried this out today. I have some pro’s and con’s with this. Pro’s: It’s fast, {Read More}