Remember Those That Served – Thank you!

Thank you so very much! To each and every person , man or woman, who has served, is serving and will serve to protect us. Thank you so much for putting your life before ours, for keeping us safe, keeping the children of the future safe. I don’t think it is ever possible to tell you enough thank you’s. So many people do not realise what you all have done to keep us safe. Many will learn and respect you {Read More}

God Bless Our Veterans

Seriously I am so thankful to each and every soldier that ever served, without them this world would be real chaos. They help keep the peace in whatever way they could, unfortunately some gave their lives, and because of this is why we should honor them on this day and everyday. I want to thank those that have come across in my life time that have served, and especially to those I hold dear to my heart, my brothers both {Read More}

Friday The 13th

That’s right its Friday the 13th, wow huh? hehe. So anyway do you have a Valentine’s, this year? Hmm I haven’t had a proper Valentines, in like ever lol, seems like it anyway. I have a few gentleman callers, some really sweet ones, on in particular hush hush can’t reveal the info YET!! I do wish for one year when i’m actually with my Valentine. My gentleman caller is far away right now *sniff sniff* but hey he’s still my {Read More}