Any Plans?

So this weekend is 4 of July, I’m sure a lot of people will be heading out of town. As for us we’ll be staying in, we love barbecuing, and I know William has wanted to BBQ for a while now, so yeah I think tomorrow will be the first for the summer!! Yay. Tomorrow William has half a day, yay!!! So he’ll be home early, we rented to blockbuster films, yeah we got some codes for a free rental, {Read More}

William is #Fabulous

Why do I think William is fabulous? Well let me first start by saying this is all about a contest, yay go me hehe. I like contests and if I can enter one I will. Hehe, this particular one is to win an iPad2, heck yeah, you know I’m trying to win one, I have been trying for awhile, and I am determined hehe, I know winning is all about chance, but hey if I can make my chances better {Read More}