Best FSU Football Tickets

So it’s getting so close to football season making a return, well not so close, but close enough you may want to jump in and grab some tickets before they are all gone. Professional and college alike! We are big football fans here in this household, so if we want to get good seats, it’s best to be an early bird, then get left in the dust, and not get any tickets. College football seems pretty popular, if not as {Read More}

How About Them Celtics?

Big Sunday last night, True Blood premiere, and the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Laker played the 5th game of the Finals. The Celtics won last night, was a good game. I didn’t watch it all but did watch some of the beginning of the game and the ending hehe. Next game I will be watching a bit more, as that may be the last game they play. You know I grew up with the Lakers being the favorite in {Read More}

Happy Memorial Day!

Oh gosh I know it’s been ages since I actually posted a thing. I am sorry, I am still alive and kicking. I realise my site was down as well, thats because I hadn’t made the payment to my hosting, but that’s sorted now and it’s back up for another year yay!! So it’s Memorial Day and I wanted to come on and thank all those that are in the military or some whow connected be it actually enlisted, family {Read More}