E for Everything Must Go #AtoZChallenge

Now and then I do like to watch comedy, but I am so picky when it comes to comedy, there are certain people that can pull it off so well. I remember as a kid growing up, watching the black and white TV show I Love Lucy, now that was some natural comedic talent there. I just loved watching her, and how natural her comedy was, even to this day, once and a while I will come across her show, {Read More}

Grab A Green Beer, Make Merry & Be Safe!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone, be safe out there. Oh it’s another reason to have a party!! I am way past that phase where I had to go to a party for every holiday. I make my own party at home with my William!! He’s part Irish so I got all the Irish I can handle at home. Woohoo, go me!! We’re going to put on our green hats, pour some green beer, and maybe have Leprechaun movie marathon today {Read More}

Did You Get Pinched?

Is anyone going to have a green beer today? I am *raises hand* hehe. I have never had a green beer, I know it’ silly, and it’s probably just food coloring in it, but it’s still fun because its St. Patrick’s Day, so today I will have a beer or two. And since I have William around me which is part Irish how better can it get, okay maybe if my friend Alice was around too that would rock, as {Read More}