TV Show Finales

There are quite a few TV show finales happening. I just watched Big Brother Finale and I knew that Andy would win. It aired last night, but I can’t stand commercials, so I DVR it and watch it during my lunch It was quite a season, I disliked Amanda, not for her way of playing, but her personality, she claimed not to be a bully but she was, she was like a big brother stalker to Elissa lol, but Elissa {Read More}

Another upgrade?

Ok I guess I should stop complaining because that is just going to be an on going thing now, and we should all be use to the constant upgrades. So I’ve been comparing Chrome and Firefox, and well I watched a video on youtube about how fast Chrome is and it really is fast in loading pages, ultimately for me is the loading speed and how much of a hog a browser can be on the computer, I’ve seen FF {Read More}

On to book 3

Wow I can’t believe I’m well into book 3 now, I just love the Twilight series, it’s so awesome Eclipse started out so sad but I was literally shocked the way Edward asked her to marry him, my mouth dropped literally, then my eyes got watery, I’m such a softy lol. Okay I’ll stop there, sorry if I ruined it for anyone just reading it. Anyway did you all catch the Olympics?? Wow it was so awesome to watch, I {Read More}