Are you stuffed? Want more? Lol Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh my gosh, we had a fantastic Thanksgiving. Although I really miss my family, and I know they are all with loved ones. Well except for my oldest brother which I am pretty sure he and my father went to my middle brothers house for Thanksgiving. I don’t like knowing any of them spent it alone. As for my sister, she spend it with her partner, and I with my honey! On Williams side of the family, his mom was {Read More}

Happy Thanksgiving / Black Friday Madness

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you enjoyed your meals yesterday, surrounded by friends and family! We had n awesome meal, William cooked, he rocked it in the kitchen! Check out this awesome Turkey! Does this look good, you can appreciate it more in person As for Black Friday, yeah I do the online shopping experience in the comfort of my own home, more than I do, in store, not during black Friday, just too crazy, rude, obnoxious loud people. I {Read More}

Happy December & Happy Holidays!

Wow can you believe it? It’s already here, December!! Wow! Have you started your Christmas shopping? We have, thank goodness. I didn’t run out in the craze of Black Friday though, the boyfriend could not deal with all that noise lol. Yeah, I don’t blame him. In the news some guy threatened to shoot another, what the hell is this guy thinking? Really for a TV, my gosh guy get a life, seriously! It comes so fast, it’s just unbelievable. {Read More}

Gobble Gobble!~

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and for those of you who do not celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you have a beautiful weekend, and you stay safe out there, with all the Black Friday craze We had a very lovely dinner at my boyfriends family members house. Everything was so so delicious, there were at least 5 different pies!! Wow right? Yeah it was amazing, we brought 2 lol. Everything was beautiful, it was so very nice to see everyone again. These big {Read More}

Get In Gear

Yeah it’s getting close to Black Friday ahhh wow loads and loads of sales out there, just waiting for my lovely hands to get on them lol. There are so many places I want to go to, but one place I know I would like to get to first is Best Buy, they always have the best stuff, and such great sales and prices. My latest laptop came from Best Buy, I love it so much. I Hewlett Packard. Lately {Read More}