You Don’t Need A Man Or Woman!!

Happy Valentine’s Day! That’s right it’s a Valentine’s Day post. But more importantly are those 6-7 words in my title! You really don’t need to have a man or a woman in your life, to have a great Valentine’s day. There are so many ways to spread love, with friends, other family members, and yes even strangers!! A random act of kindness goes a long way. You can do some blog hopping, and stumble upon someones blog and leave them {Read More}

Tree Trimming Fun

I couldn’t believe how exhausted I got this weekend. Is it age or what? Well I’m sure that is a factor, and also the fact I’m over weight ugh! There are always a number of factors. Anyway I had a busy weekend. Did a lot of laundry, but still have a lot to do lol. I needed a break, so I will continue that tomorrow, gosh may take an extra day, so I’m seeing at two extra days worth of {Read More}

Oh No Not Static!

Well I’ve been gone for a good while. I guess that means I either didn’t have much to say, was way too busy, or just lazy about blogging. I’ll leave that up to you Today I experienced a true cold Fall/Winter day. It was so cold the heater popped on, and I was glad because I was freezing. My hands get dry, the moisture is gone in them, so I need to keep a bottle of lotion near my desk, {Read More}

They Go So Fast!

I can’t believe how fast the weekends just zoom on past us! Where is time going, why is it going faster and faster as we get older and older, I don’t get it lol. Do you? If you do please tell me what’s up? And what is up with the weather, it has been crazy! Raining one day, super hot the next, wow that is some craziness, at least it is out here in Massachusetts. The humidity is horrible, if {Read More}

Hardly Any Snow

I’m rather disappointed, because we haven’t got as much snow as I’d hoped. I remember initially thinking about coming to the east coast, I thought ‘Wow, we will be hit with a lot of snow’, but really hardly has come down. I’m hoping for another big drop. I know there are a lot of people that would prefer it don’t snow as much, I’m a west coast girl, so yeah I like the snow fall. I love the snow, because {Read More}

How About Them Celtics?

Big Sunday last night, True Blood premiere, and the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Laker played the 5th game of the Finals. The Celtics won last night, was a good game. I didn’t watch it all but did watch some of the beginning of the game and the ending hehe. Next game I will be watching a bit more, as that may be the last game they play. You know I grew up with the Lakers being the favorite in {Read More}

How Was Your Mother’s Day?

My mother’s day was all over the place. Not that I literally went everywhere, because it turned out we only went for a drive just to get out of the house, which was really nice by the way. There was a lot of emotions going around on Mother’s Day. As some of you may know, my mother passed away close to 10 years ago, so it does kind o suck on Mother’s Day, yes I shed a few tears because {Read More}