Now We’re Talking Weather!

OH EM GEE, the heat is really on now. It’s cooking out there lol. Thank goodness we went out early today, to do some shopping. I had a few things I was looking for, and I did manage to find them, although some I didn’t or I forgot one or two other things. I try to keep a list of what I am looking for, makes it so much easier than running around the store, and back tracking to find {Read More}

Blogaholic $400 Paypal CASH giveaway! Get In On It!!

Blogaholic Social Network is celebrating their 1 year anniversary and we have teamed up with them to bring you the chance to win $400.00 Paypal cash! If you have not yet heard- Blogaholic Social Network is an online community where bloggers of all niche’s connect and spread the word about their blogs while gaining resources, followers, blogging tips, and much more! You must be a member to win but joining fast, easy and best of all FREE! Join here! This {Read More}

Blogaholic Anniversary Giveaway Coming!

I believe I have mentioned before that I am a member of the Blogaholic, a Social Network for Bloggers. Well excitingly they will be having a cash giveaway that will be held during May 17th through May 31st, how exciting is that? Now who couldn’t use a couple of extra hundred dollars? I know I can *raises hand* so why don’t you get in on it? Blogaholic Social Network will be celebrating their 1 year anniversary this month and we {Read More}