30 Days Of Truth: Day 17: A Book You’ve Read That Changed Your Views On Something

I don’t read as much as I should to be quite honest. I think we all should read more than watching TV or being online, although a lot of people read online, so I suppose that is reading in a form. When I say read, I mean away from the computer, but then again on that note. I use my NOOK heh. Which makes it easier to hold if it’s a thick book I’m reading, or hardcover, those can be {Read More}

My Holiday Wish

First and foremost, the most important thing on my holiday wish list is for all of my family and friends, near and far, to be safe, healthy, happy and loved. And yes, of course there will always be some type of material gift I’d want on my holiday wish list, so here we go! Step One Make a post to your blog, tumblr, facebook, myspace, what have you. The important thing is to make sure these wishes are things you {Read More}

Book Signing

We went to the book signing for Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes of Ghost Hunters, and if you are a follower of this blog or if you aren’t, lol. Let it be known I am a big fan of Ghost Hunters, so big I made them fanlistings, I plan on create new better layouts, and then I will get in touch with them, and hope they link me on their websites, it would be awesome. Well about the book signing, {Read More}

Crazy Busy

Yeah I have not been doing much posting here, but I have been online. Doing my eBay thing, and taking care of a lot of other things. Tried to get this room sorted, as it was full of boxed up things, mostly my eBay stuff, packaging, and things I am selling. Just really glad that’s just about sorted. There is a few boxes left, but we need a new bookshelf to hold a lot of Williams books. So those boxes {Read More}

BAFAB; Buy a Friend a Book!

I was just chatting to Chris on MSN, when my twitter thing popped up with someone posting a link to something, and I asked myself I don’t remember following anyone with BAFAB, so nosey me goes to see what it is (i finally did recall following them). Well every year apparently they hold a Buy a friend a book every quarter, so it would be held on January, April, July and October, so yeah it’s like 5 days until the {Read More}