Olive Garden Birthday Dinner

I took my wonderful William, the love of my life to dinner at Olive Garden for his Birthday, you all need to go check out this restaurant if you have not, it is amazing, the food is fresh, and prepared perfectly! I started off with wine tasting, ad after tasting, I had to have a glass, it was sweet and tasted so good. I had a glass of Moscato Primo Amore, I must buy myself a bottle!! I was that {Read More}

Papercraft is so cool!

I’m really excited about this, I got all 3 books from the Twilight saga series by Stephenie Meyer, and well the 4th is coming out Aug 2nd, 2008. I wanted to catch up, hopefully before it comes out. I kept hearing about the book so naturally I got curious. I went to amazon and looked up Twilight, and it had the first chapter there, and well after reading the first chapter I knew I had to read them all. So {Read More}