Awesome Camera Equipment Rental

Ok I love to take photos, I first started with just my mobile camera, and it took horrible photos, but once in a while I would get some cool shots. I just wanted to capture as much as I could through my lens. My boyfriend always asked me ‘why do you take photographs of trees’ lol, well because one of them is going to come out so cool, and I don’t want to miss it, I want to remember things, {Read More}

Beautiful Day Out

We had a shopping trip today to Target, but we decided to check Walmart to see if the prices were less for what we were looking for and they were. I have to blame myself for breaking our portable heater, last year I got zapped (static electricity) and the off function wouldn’t work anymore. So we resorted to unplugging and plugging in, I know that probably could of been dangerous but thank the Lord that it hadn’t caused a fire {Read More}

Mini Mega Shop

Over the weekend we went shopping for an entertainment center, for our TV and other things people usually have. We decided to visit this store that was going out of business, but most of the things were gone. But my lovely boyfriend, bought me a camera case with a tripod, I love it so much! He knows I love taking photos, and this will be very handy. Isn’t it so cool, we got like 30% off, really great price, I {Read More}