See Your Lover More Clearly This Valentine’s day

I’ve been debating about what to give William for Valentine’s Day, I have a few ideas. I can go with what he would really love, or go with what he really needs, choices choices are never easy. I hope this is one day he doesn’t read my blog lol. If you are reading this William, go away, there is information here I don’t want you to read please I love you and thank you. Ok if you are still reading {Read More}

Fort Lauderdale’s Best Personal Injury Lawyer

When you have a accident, and you need a lawyer the last thing on your mind is having to pay an up front fee. You have enough problems worrying about yourself or the loved one that were injured. Believe me, these days with the way the economy is, finding a good personal injury lawyer is important, and even more so not having to pay a penny, until your case is won. Now that is what I consider a fantastic lawyer {Read More}