Happy 60th Birthday Catherine! WooHoo!

Last night we had a family dinner, Williams family. We all met up at a great restaurant. It was to celebrate Williams moms 60th birthday, woo. There were a few times during dinner, the restaurant go so loud I couldn’t hear people at our own table talking lol. There were about 11 of us. It was nice, we sand Happy Birthday to her, we got her a nice warm New Englands Patriot zipped up sweater, really nice one too, she {Read More}

I Am Back, And Blogging!

Server moves are such a pain in the ass, especially if they don’t go according to plan. There are times things just happen, and it happened to me. I was so upset because at one point I thought I lost all my blog posts for the past 5 years. I blog a lot more these days, than I did when I first started. While I was in England I didn’t blog, I actually closed my blog for awhile, because my {Read More}