Happy Mother’s Day!!~

Wow it comes so quickly, it’s like a slap in the face *bam* it’s Mother’s Day hehe. It’s NOT a bad thing, not at all, time just flies so quickly, I think the older we get, the faster it speeds by us. So anyway moving on. I hope all the mothers out there are having a lovely day. There are those that have lost their mothers, including myself, believe me she is never out of my mind, I think of {Read More}

Tree Trimming Fun

I couldn’t believe how exhausted I got this weekend. Is it age or what? Well I’m sure that is a factor, and also the fact I’m over weight ugh! There are always a number of factors. Anyway I had a busy weekend. Did a lot of laundry, but still have a lot to do lol. I needed a break, so I will continue that tomorrow, gosh may take an extra day, so I’m seeing at two extra days worth of {Read More}