Rain, Rain, Go Away …

If it isn’t snow, it’s rain. Ahh how I look forward to Spring, even though in reality our Spring doesn’t last long, it seems to get right into Summer weather. I loved California spring season, it was truly spring. Anyway, as William said, better rain than snow. He’s been living in the Boston area all his life, so he is hating on snow, and welcoming rain, weather is a lot warmer. Although in defense of snow, there have been times {Read More}

Sun Shining, Birds Chirping, Has Spring Arrived?

Wow I am just in love with today, and days like it. The sun is shining, every window in the house is open, letting that cool breeze on through the entire place. Finally got around to filling the bird feeder, I love to hear the birds eating away. I hear them when I’m at my laptop. The window in front of me is right above the bird feeder, so I hear them peck away and eat. I just love it. {Read More}