My Nail Supply Collection Is Growing

I am really happy about getting my nail collection sorted, I like finding the things I will be using at really reasonable prices. Like from ebay, they have hoards of great stuff, and really super low prices, coming from like Hong Kong, China, it’s incredible, most of them are free shipping too. So you know I pick up quite a bit there. On occasion I got to Michaels or Jo-Ann’s and get stuff on sale, and yes I do buy {Read More}

S is for Sin City #AtoZChallenge

Well so we are on the letter S on this A to Z Challenge, we are really getting towards the end now. I’m not going to miss it lol. Sticking to a theme was hard, I started to find it boring after awhile, I think going random would of been a lot more fun, could of covered many topics Even though I love films and TV shows, I still would of gone random, maybe next time if I do it, {Read More}

Happy Leap Year Day!

Now how often do we get to say that? Every 4 years! Four years ago, I didn’t blog on Leap Day, I’m going to make a point that I do, so this is my very first Leap Year day I post on, yay! I’m a member of GetGlue, it’s a fun social network website, that I find myself drawn to not only online but on my phone or iPod, I admit it, it does get a little addicting but I {Read More}