Less Than An Amateur

I finally got my photography website up, I just have a partial gallery, I need to gather my photos, well at least the ones I want to use. But I’m excited about it. You can find that at lenscapture, isn’t that a great name for a photogrphy website? Well I am no professional by any means. I love to take photos, and sometimes, I get some wicked cool photos, and sometimes I don’t, you can do so much with a {Read More}

I Think It’s Really Here

Yeah Fall is definitely here. Oh my goodness I can feel it in my bones, literally lol. No joking. My knees hurt more, when it’s cold. I can’t really have the windows open anymore, although I have to say less bugs come inside, I’m such a bugophobic haha, you know what I mean. I hate bugs like no one has ever seen. I think if someone ever played a really cruel joke on me that involved bugs like spiders or {Read More}

Go Bruins!

Indeed we are big Bruins fans here, and we have been watching the Stanley cup carefully. Watching every moment as it happens!! It’s quite exciting, and even more exciting as the Bruins won last night’s game woohoo, way to go boys!!! Tomorrow night they play in Vancouver, this is going to be such an intense game. Last night’s was as well, as that could of been their last game, but now both teams have a chance, and I am really {Read More}

Where Does It Go?

I can’t believe how long I have been MIA lol. I have been so busy with so many things. And still on a deadline to re-install my collective script. A lot has been going on like I said, and I’m just glad things have been smoothing out. Makes me feel better, and it makes William less stressed as well. That makes me super happy I’m not going to bore you with details, because to others those are just boring. I {Read More}

WP Upgrade

I wonder how many posts I have with that subject title lol. Yeah finally got around to upgrading it, didn’t take along at all. I need to also upgrade a script I have for my collective @ kiss-me.org, I keep saying I will then I don’t. So I really should do that soon. What else hmm oh yeah my heart got broken but I’ll leave that subject alone. No point in boring people about it. I’m considering on changing the {Read More}