Happy Thanksgiving / Black Friday Madness

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you enjoyed your meals yesterday, surrounded by friends and family! We had n awesome meal, William cooked, he rocked it in the kitchen! Check out this awesome Turkey! Does this look good, you can appreciate it more in person As for Black Friday, yeah I do the online shopping experience in the comfort of my own home, more than I do, in store, not during black Friday, just too crazy, rude, obnoxious loud people. I {Read More}

Beating The Bug

So for over a week, I have had this cold, it’s been kicking my ass, but I think I finally have beat the bug. Well apart from the coughing that I seem to can’t shake, this cold it just about gone. Oh I’m so happy. I sometimes feel like it wants to return, but I continue to fight it, and take medicines, and everything possible to shake it. I certainly don’t want to get it again this winter, and I {Read More}