Are you stuffed? Want more? Lol Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh my gosh, we had a fantastic Thanksgiving. Although I really miss my family, and I know they are all with loved ones. Well except for my oldest brother which I am pretty sure he and my father went to my middle brothers house for Thanksgiving. I don’t like knowing any of them spent it alone. As for my sister, she spend it with her partner, and I with my honey! On Williams side of the family, his mom was {Read More}

Happy Thanksgiving / Black Friday Madness

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you enjoyed your meals yesterday, surrounded by friends and family! We had n awesome meal, William cooked, he rocked it in the kitchen! Check out this awesome Turkey! Does this look good, you can appreciate it more in person As for Black Friday, yeah I do the online shopping experience in the comfort of my own home, more than I do, in store, not during black Friday, just too crazy, rude, obnoxious loud people. I {Read More}

Another Giveaway! Egg-Tastic Egg Cooker Giveaway! #AsSeenOnTV

What? Another giveaway, come on who doesn’t like freebies and giveaways? Raise your hand!! I see all of you raising your hand out there lol. So this time around it is the Egg-Tastic Egg Cooker, and yeah it really does work!! I have tried it out, check out my photos below, and the yummy eggs I made. It is so easy to make too! If you are on the run, don’t have time to really sit down to a breakfast, {Read More}

Best Chicken Parmigiana Recipe

Ok the title alone is making me hungry. We haven’t had dinner yet, but oh my goodness. If you are hungry do not read this, lol jut kidding, yes please read it. It will make you so hungry, you will insist on having a wonderful chicken parmigiana dinner tonight, or tomorrow hehe. I personally have never made a chicken parmigiana but have gone to restaurants that have made some exquisite dishes, including the chicken parmigiana. Since William seems to be {Read More}

Great Gourmet Olive Oils

Eating healthy is important, I wouldn’t expect someone to go cold turkey, and go from one extreme to the another, but I think over a period of time, they can gradually eat healthier. Like perhaps going from corn oil when you cook to olive oil, there are so many wonderful gourmet olive oils to be used, like some lovely organic, fruit and vinegar olive oils, so many to try that will make your food taste like and chef made it. {Read More}

The Heat Is On

The weather is back to being hot and humid. It’s suppose to be like this next few days, odd thing is that suddenly it felt as if it cooled off, maybe it’s because the a/c going, well I hope it don’t get hotter. Although yesterday it was going but it was so hot. Suppose to be in the 90 next few days. It’s all about trying to stay cool now. I had my nails done on Saturday, which I’m really {Read More}