~ I’m A Bargain Hunter

Nowadays, we all are looking to save. For the past I would say 4 years, I have diligently looked for ways to save money, be it coupons, promo codes, Adorama coupons, online deals, free shipping deals, any kind of hot deal out there, I am there hehe. I am pretty proud of it. I think I have touched bases about this before in the past. But now I come to you with another source, yay! If you are anything like {Read More}

BzzAgent Campaign ~ Glade Expressions Collection ~ Mm Smells Amazing!~

Ok as you all know, I love to try new things, and if you don’t, now you do now lol. I am a BzzAgent, if you don’t know what a BzzAgent is, then refer to my post where I talked about it initially. Which you can find by clicking this link, it will take you to that post and you can read up on what BzzAgent is all about, and my thoughts, and what I get, but then again you {Read More}

I’m a BzzAgent! What’s a Bzz Agent you ask?

So you are wondering, what the heck is a Bzz Agent, well let me explain what a BzzAgent is firstly it’s the leading word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing company. BzzAgents are individuals that join the website. After a series of surveys, you qualify to try out a product, there are many types of products, you don’t get to choose, it is picked for you, according to how active you are on the website. Once you do get to try out a {Read More}

Sleeplessness Can Put You In A Bad Mood

Great so since I can’t really sleep, I thought I’d come on and write a post and moan about it =\ If there is one thing that really irritates me is those nights which I cannot get to sleep, you can watch so much boring TV shows!! And on top of that heartburn too, UGH!! So I’m thinking what’s tomorrow going to be like? Probably ruin my whole day, of course I will try not to let that happen, as {Read More}

Geeks Gone Chic, Gadgets And More For The Geek

That inner geek in you just loves gadgets don’t it? I don’t have an inner geek, my geekness is on the outside, and I just love my gadgets. Well if you are always looking for a new website that has lots and lots of very cool things, then you must visit, they are very Geek Chic if I don’t say so myself. They have items from gadgets to toys, to food to books and more!! How can you go {Read More}

Happy Labor Day!

So the terrible hurricane has passed, and left it’s destruction. I want to briefly talk about this, okay I think that’s enough now lol, just kidding. No really we even lost our power for a few hours. I can’t imagine what others are going through. We got ice, and prepared ourselves. IMHO, I think it’s better to be prepared than to get caught without your pants down so to speak. Seriously I’m happy we were prepared, because you just never {Read More}

Super Pooped

Omg we went on a shopping trip to Target, yes I love shopping there, always get great deals, saved like $40, which is fantastic, if you use a combination of coupons, Target and Manufacturer, no we are not extreme shoppers, but we will save where we can, and I try to almost always use coupons when I go shopping, for everything even clothing, heck I even got a coupon for $2 off a pair of jeans for Women or Men, {Read More}