~ I’m A Bargain Hunter

Nowadays, we all are looking to save. For the past I would say 4 years, I have diligently looked for ways to save money, be it coupons, promo codes, Adorama coupons, online deals, free shipping deals, any kind of hot deal out there, I am there hehe. I am pretty proud of it. I think I have touched bases about this before in the past. But now I come to you with another source, yay! If you are anything like {Read More}

Yup His Turn Now

I’m really so happy I got all my Christmas shopping done for William, that is such a relief, he is going to be so surprised, I hope he likes what I got him. Speaking of shopping, he told me (since it’s his day off), that he is going shopping for me. I asked him, ‘You have no idea what you are getting me are you?’, he says ‘None what so ever’, hahaha. Since there is only one care in this {Read More}