It’s Fall Ya’ll! It’s getting chilly

Fall!!! It’s here officially since Thursday, but feeling weather wise since yesterday. Have myself a cup of Pumpkin Spice coffee, actually had that about an hour ago, but feeling like I want another. Was sipping on it while watching the last episode of Orange Is The New Black, I have to say, too much of it is sounding like the current news, should I be surprised?? No, lol. Are you? It was a good season, sad ending, that is all {Read More}

Shop Local, Shop USA!

Go USA! America is trying to keep the jobs here, instead of overseas where people are being paid less than they deserve, but you know what? We deserve the jobs as well! The businesses start here, they should stay here. Aren’t you sick and tired of seeing small mom and pop shops close, because of corporate american and their big businesses taking out the little ones. How many local shops in your area are shut down because they can’t compete. {Read More}