Two Days Til My Birthday, Yay!!

I am truly an old fart, officially in two days lol. No I’m kidding, 50 is the new 40 didn’t you know? kay so enough of that. I have been so very busy lately, haven’t you noticed my lack of posts? Yeah my new years resolutions are two, I am managing to keep last years. So they are as follows: 1) Better organise my hobby room, it is a mess. 2) Try to manage my time to accomplish almost everything, {Read More}

TV Show Finales

There are quite a few TV show finales happening. I just watched Big Brother Finale and I knew that Andy would win. It aired last night, but I can’t stand commercials, so I DVR it and watch it during my lunch It was quite a season, I disliked Amanda, not for her way of playing, but her personality, she claimed not to be a bully but she was, she was like a big brother stalker to Elissa lol, but Elissa {Read More}

Surprise? Not Really!

I talked to my oldest brother today Eric, and he told me my dad got remarried, I was shocked to be honest. But in some ways happy to know that he is not alone, because who wants to be alone for the rest of their lives? No one does honestly, do you? Anyway, I was a bit hurt that I didn’t at least know about it, even if I couldn’t go. Oh well, it’s nothing new to be the last {Read More}

Cheery Time

That’s right, Christmas season always seems to be so cheery, and people are so much nicer. I thought I spoke of that at one point in one of my past blogs. But I’ll touch on it again. During Christmas season mainly, people seem a lot nicer, even though this is probably a very high stressful time of the year. With running around trying to get all your gifts bought and fighting the traffic not to mention the traffic inside the {Read More}

Rain Is Back?

Yeah according to the news this morning, looks like we are going to have rain for the next few days. After that we’ll get some more sun. Yeah spring is here, so I don’t expect to see a lot of rain, just off and on. Rhode Island had some serious flooding, it affected us a little bit, that on one day the gas man had to turn off the gas to do some work up the road, which took about {Read More}

Do You Believe?

The full question really is, do you believe in ghosts? I think for the past few weeks, I’ve been watching a lot of ghost/paranormal related type TV shows, I won’t say I’m addicted to them because that is a strong word. It’s just so very curious, and I can’t help not watching them. I really enjoy Ghost Hunters (TAPS), that’s a great show, as well as Ghost Hunters International. I’ve watched both since I was back in England. Speaking of {Read More}

Feeling 100%

Gosh I am so glad, I am finally back at 100%, not sure what I had, but it pretty much lasted all week. Thank you everyone for putting up with it. Even the weather has been so lovely. Since first coming to Massachusetts, it’s been really muggy, like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. From what I am told, I came during the time that it is the muggiest, some luck hey? hehe. Well now it’s nice, not sure how long {Read More}