Damages, Renovation, Broken Computer, Will This Ever End?

I don’t even know where to start. I guess at the beginning. Well, we have been living here for just about a year now. We love our house! It is a small house, we don’t have kids so it suits us for now. In the future sometime we may possibly move again. Okay so moving on to what is going on. First, it is the weather we had recently with extremely high winds, so windy that a lot of trees {Read More}

It is over, finally!! The holidays anyway!

Happy New Year!! Yes, the big holidays are over, but we have another round of holidays coming up now. Valentine’s and Easter, more spending? LOL Does this ever end, it seems to be a continuous circle lol. I need to do a lot less of it, though, keep the cash flow out to a minimum and the cash flow in on high gear lol. I am hoping for more sales now that I am finally getting around to listing stuff {Read More}

Happy Happy Happy Something

Okay so I was going to originally post for Easter, but things came up and I just couldn’t finish. So instead I thought why not today, it’s April Fool’s Day, yay! How many people can you prank? I didn’t prank anyone, and no one pranked me, sort of. YouTube had a silly prank going on. I got a nice chuckle out of it. As for Easter, it was nice, me and my hunny spent it together. Last year we went {Read More}

Earth Week

Ok so I go into the bathroom today to do my business lol, sorry for sharing, but I look at the door and I see this big black ant, I swear people here in Massachusetts, we seem to have big black ants and they are scary lol. Anyway so I though oh great here we go, they are coming into the house, but not in the kitchen, the window in the bathroom was open, and I believe that is where {Read More}

Happy Easter!

I miss being a little girl, missing out on the egg hunts, and Easter baskets :bunny: , am I being selfish? Na, I don’t think so. It was fun when it was a big Easter egg hunt. As kids our mom & dad would take us to the local park, and at this park they always had a big Easter egg hunt, it was so much fun. Kids of all ages were there, well you know within a certain age {Read More}

Aww It’s Over

Well nobody said St. Patrick’s Day would last more than one day, but I bet in Ireland it can go on for the whole week. Do you ever wonder what it would be like in Ireland, on St. Patrick’s Day, wow!! Chaos lol, no I’m kidding, a lot of drunk Irish people lol. I had fun, goofing off with William, he is a lot of fun I have to admit. Sometimes he makes me laugh to the point I have {Read More}