Days of Truth – Day 19: What Do You Think of Religion? Or What Do You Think of Politics?

I’m not even sure how to start this, I would like to touch on both subjects, but I will just get angry and go on a rant which I don’t want to do. Quickly, Politics sucks, Politicians, they are all crooks one way or another, enough said. Whatever, I’m not going any further into that. As for religion, well what can I say? There are many of them. I was baptised Catholic, am I practicing? No. Why? Well I can’t {Read More}

As If The Economy Isn’t Bad Enough!

I know that the economy is really bad right now, but why do people feel they need to charge more for things? Don’t they realise they get less customers when they do that? I don’t understand the logic. I know that they (people/businesses) are trying to make up for losses, by over charging for things. I am talking about anything online and offline related. Everything seems to be going up .. and up … and up!! Things need to come {Read More}