WP Upgrade

I wonder how many posts I have with that subject title lol. Yeah finally got around to upgrading it, didn’t take along at all. I need to also upgrade a script I have for my collective @ kiss-me.org, I keep saying I will then I don’t. So I really should do that soon. What else hmm oh yeah my heart got broken but I’ll leave that subject alone. No point in boring people about it. I’m considering on changing the {Read More}

Join Overload?

By looking at my website over all, would you say I am overloading on joining things? I say not because all that you see is going to get me more traffic and eventually I’ll get some ads on my site, I had one before but it didn’t last. But really I would only have one ad, because too many ads I feel take away from the web page, well that’s my opinion anyway. So I added another thing on here {Read More}