Freebies & More Freebies, Gotta Love Free Samples by Mail & Online Freebies *wink*

Gucci Sample Perfume

Heck yes I will be the first to say I love love love freebies, giveaways, free samples, I love it all. With the way the economy is these days how is it wrong to want to try new things, in the form of samples by mail, or online freebies, seriously? You are lying if you say no!! Now I know some of us out there are so well off they don’t have to want freebies or free samples by mail, {Read More}

Freebies! Getting Something For Nothing Is Awesome!

Who Doesn't Love Free Stuff!!??

I love to get freebies, free stuff, even product samples, why? It’s a good way to try things out, instead of buying something full size. Imagine buying something that’s expensive, and when you try it you don’t like it? What do you do with it? Obviously still use it, well if its detergent or stuff like that, but if it was like lotion or perfume, yuck I wouldn’t keep using it, I would give it away. So what better way {Read More}

Free Product Samples

I am one that loves to get free samples, I just recently started really taking advantage of that. I mean if you try something free, and you like it, well then you discovered something that you never would otherwise have bought, especially if its a big package! Imagine if you did buy something that a friend ‘said’ would be good, and you turned out hating it, but forced yourself to use it? I would hate that, so with samples, how {Read More}