Happy New Year 2014!!~

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years eve, and that your new year is going to be filled with health, love, happiness and lots of beautiful memories. My 2013 had it’s moments, from becoming engaged to getting a kitten that I’ve wanted for so long. Speaking of Daisy, she is growing so fast!! I love her more and more each day. And my wonder fiancé is amazing as always, always close to my heart forever. I wish everyone the {Read More}

Happy Birthday To Me!

Yay it’s my birthday, again LOL. So most of the day today, well almost all of it, I spent alone, don’t feel bad for me. I don’t know many people where I live, really I don’t know anyone. I have awesome online friends, wish they all lived near me, because we’d be hanging out But I did get to spend it with Daisy, which by the way I had to shut to the computer room, as she is biting on {Read More}

A New Set & So Very Pleased With My Nails

Ok so in the past I have talked about doing my own nails, and I have. I first experienced with the less expensive products, which I failed at, you can tell if you look back at my blog, and view the pictures of the train wreck. So I put off doing them, instead I stocked up on supplies, but now that I have done that. I wanted to give it another go, which I did on my own nails, since {Read More}

BAFAB; Buy a Friend a Book!

I was just chatting to Chris on MSN, when my twitter thing popped up with someone posting a link to something, and I asked myself I don’t remember following anyone with BAFAB, so nosey me goes to see what it is (i finally did recall following them). Well every year apparently they hold a Buy a friend a book every quarter, so it would be held on January, April, July and October, so yeah it’s like 5 days until the {Read More}