Do Gadgets Run Your Life?

I’ll be the first to say, I my gadgets, but do they run my life?? No, not really, but we are dependent on them, to make life easier, quicker and be social without really being social, LOL. Does that make sense?? It does in my head. How many of you find yourself taking your phone to the restroom, when you really shouldn’t?? *raises hand*, yeah I admit it, I can’t help it, I should take a magazine lol. Reading should {Read More}

Geeks Gone Chic, Gadgets And More For The Geek

That inner geek in you just loves gadgets don’t it? I don’t have an inner geek, my geekness is on the outside, and I just love my gadgets. Well if you are always looking for a new website that has lots and lots of very cool things, then you must visit, they are very Geek Chic if I don’t say so myself. They have items from gadgets to toys, to food to books and more!! How can you go {Read More}