Are You Superstitious? Happy Friday the 13th!

I am, and am not superstitious. With some things I am, I do believe in ghosts, not to sure about the black cat and ladder bit, but I am still cautious, don’t hurt to be, right? The day is almost over, it’s 6:32 pm as I write this. The day has been okay, I was home all day, as that seems to be my itinerary for quite a while, it’s a long story, I won’t bore. Nothing really bad has {Read More}

July Glossybox ‘Le Grand Bleu’ ~ Yes Another Late One

I promise to try my best and be on time with these. Just today I got my August ipsy bag, excited about that, and I have my August Julep waiting to be posted as well, will do those in the next few days, yay! So let’s talk about, I honestly sometimes am not 100% happy with every item I get. But I would say most of time a good percentage of the box makes me happy. I am considering {Read More}