What? Flurries? Srsly?

So I’m a bit sick, and I decided to do laundry last night, because I knew I was not going to want to do it early today. The reason why I say is because I felt that I would feel sicker, and well I did. Anyway just glad I got it done. So today feeling ill I didn’t feel like doing much. I really do think I should close the window in this room, it’s only open a few inches, {Read More}

Spring Equinox 2010

Today is such a beautiful day, it don’t surprise me as it is the first day of spring 2010. Spring Equinox (first day of spring 2010), it finally won’t be as cold as it use to be, yay for that. That means flowers :rose: will be blooming ever so lovely all around us. I realise that there are some places that don’t start their first day of spring when we do, but they will soon follow after. I’m telling you, {Read More}